Case story: Assessing whether new packaging communicates brand values

Case story: Assessing whether new packaging communicates brand values

Assess whether new packaging communicates premium brand values in different countries

The challenge

A premium spirits brand wanted to test a new?packaging design across territories to?determine whether it successfully?communicated its brand values in different?countries.

How we got there

We used our PACT methodology to test the new bottle design in a natural environment in the US and China. We assessed it against the current bottle as well as competitors.

A modular survey with simulated shelf?browsing and shopping exercises was used to assess the visibility/findability,?impact and optimization of the new?packaging design.

Using this methodology meant our client?could test and receive feedback on specific?elements of the new design.



The results
PACT study

  • Our client identified the elements of a new?bottle and carton design that best?communicated its brand values and stood out?on the shelf.
  • The design was also part of the pitch process?to choose a new creative agency, and our?research helped identify which one the client?should select.
  • We established that the new packaging would?work in both countries we tested: the US and?China.

Testing new packaging design across
territories with PACT

  • Understand the different elements of new?packaging design in detail
  • Test whether a design communicates your?brand values versus competitors
  • Make sure your packaging design stands out?on the shelf and is desirable for shoppers
  • Check whether new designs work well in?different countries
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