Instagram advertising: 5 tips for Instagram Stories ads

Instagram advertising: 5 tips for Instagram Stories ads

In a study conducted for Facebook, we looked into what makes an effective Instagram Story ad.

Our research was based on 30 US Instagram Stories ads from consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies. We studied people’s responses to these Instagram ads to assess their effectiveness. First, we determined whether the Instagram Story had been noticed, viewed and recalled (ad breakthrough); and secondly, whether it had driven a reaction and action (ad response).

Our study highlighted five key factors which typically help Instagram Stories adverts capture people’s attention and drive business results. As revealed in another study conducted for Facebook, several of these factors can also improve the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram video ads for mobile feeds.

Best practices for an effective Instagram Story ad

  1. Make your ad relevant
  2. Keep your story short and introduce your brand early on
  3. Speed up the pace by keeping multiple scenes short
  4. Show off your product through demos
  5. Optimize your ad for mobile

For more information about our Instagram ad study, read the full article on creating compelling Instagram Stories ads on Facebook’s website. And discover more key learnings for maximizing Facebook and Instagram video advertising based on our other studies conducted for Facebook.

If you’re planning an Instagram Story ad, we can help you find out how it will be received before going live. Ask us about pre-testing your Instagram ad.

Using Instagram to grow your business

An active Instagram business account and Instagram advertising are great tools to market your brand. But there are other ways you can take advantage of this social media platform to grow your business.

You can identify opportunities for optimizing your marketing efforts through Instagram social insights, which draw on user-generated content. You can also extend your brand’s reach by working with Instagram social media influencers. Find out more about our social insights solutions, and contact us to get started.

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