Leading Korean newspaper covers Macromill election survey

Leading Korean newspaper covers Macromill election survey

Embrain’s election survey method was featured in the top article of Chosun Ilbo, the biggest newspaper in Korea on April 8th, and it described the prospect of Korean National Assembly general election in April.

The article explains Embrain’s election survey methodology in detail while illustrating how the general election is “too close to call” and difficult to predict.

It specifically mentioned that Embrain’s method was the only one asking both landline and mobile phone users by leveraging its panel, whereas other companies such as TNS relied only on landline.

The article also compared different prediction results from various research companies in five most contested districts.


The election result came in on April 13th, finding out that Embrain’s prediction was the most accurate, compared to other companies’ in all the five districts.

This achievement is expected to further elevate Embrain’s brand recognition through wider media coverage.

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Further news 2016.04.14? NEW
Embrain Featured in The Hankyung+ (Korean News Site)

Macromillembrain hit the ratio of 73% probability in the general election on 13th April.

The data credibility of the poll is now being questioned for the most key players in the field have dramatically failed to anticipate the results of the 4.13 National Assembly Election. When they had claimed the most seats will be taken by the Saenuri party, the actual results have ridiculed the prediction for they have failed to regain a majority in parliament.

On the other hand, “Macromill Embrain” was different. When other major companies have foretold the most winners would be from the Saenuri party, Macromill Embrain’s data said the otherwise. Candidates who actually have won the election were members of the Minjoo party just as Macromill Embrain has forecasted. For Macromill Embrain has precisely anticipated the landslide in 51 constituencies out of 70, this is clearly a far better outcome than others that performed about 50% of the prediction accuracy.

Then what were the key factors for such satisfying performances? Since the law proclaims utilizing personal phone numbers in the poll without permission is illegal, the only option is to seek panels for their voluntarily provided phone numbers and undergo repetitive procedures. For such reason, Macromill Embrain has leveraged their largest number of panels, 1.1 million, and has combined 20~30% of them in the poll by each districts.

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