Macromill offers Pre-Roll Copy Testing Norms for China

Macromill offers Pre-Roll Copy Testing Norms for China

Macromill offers Pre-Roll Copy Testing Norms for China

Key diagnostic for advertisers seeking to win in the rapidly expanding Chinese market.

Tokyo and Shanghai – November 10th, 2015 – Macromill today announced the availability of Pre-Roll Copy Testing Norms specific to China. These norms offer a unique perspective on the potential of pre-roll ads.

“Audiences in China share many traits with global peers, yet the environment is quite unique. Our clients have expressed the fundamental need to deliver winning advertising experiences for this market. Digital video advertising is a quickly growing medium, and the way that these pre-roll ads are displayed in China is distinct from other markets. Our device agnostic pre-testing solutions, coupled with these new norms provide the insight that our clients need to optimize pre-roll executions.” states Edwin Song, Managing Director – China

Pre-Roll Norms represent the average scores of the performance on pre-roll advertising tests completed in China. Over the last 6 months, since launching this service in China, we have developed our norms database, which will be updated every 36 months to reflect the rapidly changing digital environment. We can now compare our evaluations of pre-roll ads to these norms to show how well ads perform by quintile, using our fast-turn Ad-Vance digital copy testing methodology as modified for China.

As world leaders in digital copy testing, Macromill has completed over 2000 tests in the last 3 years. In addition to extensive pre-roll testing, our expertise includes testing of banners, social posts, rich media, mobile and other ad formats. Pre-roll norms for China is a new expansion of our Ad-Vance pre-testing subscription that offers fast insights for a minimum expense. Ad-Vance offers:

  • Full service support with recommendations and insights
  • In-context breakthrough measurements
  • Norms comparisons (device, region, ad format)
  • Norms in over 20 countries (5 in Asia and growing)
  • 5-7 day turn-around
  • Aggressive pricing

McKinsey states that China already is the world’s third-largest advertising market, and it is poised nearly to double, reaching more than $70 billion by 2016. With digital advertising on the upswing in China, brands looking to optimize their campaigns can do so quickly with ad testing and pre-roll norms.


Pre-Roll norms are available as a part of any pre-test in China. Benchmarks enable clients to interpret ad performance, to set up realistic brand expectations and identify key campaign priorities for all subscriptions and ad-hoc testing.

About Macromill

MACROMILL, recently merged with MetrixLab, is the fastest growing provider of consumer insights and marketing analytics solutions. MACROMILL turns data from online surveys, social media and enterprise systems into valuable business information and actionable consumer insights that help leading companies drive product innovation, brand engagement and customer value. Headquartered in Tokyo, Rotterdam and San Francisco with 27 offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia, MACROMILL serves 2200 leading brands in more than 80 countries.

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