Press release: MetrixLab adds new digital analysis and reporting tool

Press release: MetrixLab adds new digital analysis and reporting tool

MetrixLab adds new digital analysis and reporting tool

Data access and manipulation features?added to insights platform

Rotterdam, Netherlands – 23 February 2016 – MetrixLab?today announced the availability of a new?digital analysis and reporting tool directly available to users. This tool?enables users to quickly access survey data early in the fielding process, and track or participate with insights formation after the study closes.

“In the always-on marketplace, our global clients have shared their needs to understand study results as they form, as well as learn the complete insights as quickly as possible. We are committed to continuous innovation of our insights delivery platform and are pleased to share these user accessible features?for?clients to visualize results quickly and easily. From individual survey monitoring, to KPI’s delivered in multi-source dashboards, we concentrate on delivering innovation that enables global brands to meet their insights goals.” states Jan Willem Gerritsen, Executive Officer.

We have now incorporated visual customized reporting in addition to cross-tabulation functionality. Users can customize images, titles and chart types. We have?improved data mining capabilities to facilitate a deep dive into the data, i.e. users can layer data, create custom variables & filters, multiple significance levels, combine prompts and highlight trending. The digital?analysis and reporting tool offers:

  • New Layout Mode for Reports
  • New Dot Technique Reporting
  • New Variable Creator
  • Enhanced Frequency Reporting & Cross-tab Layering Functionality


The?digital?analysis and reporting tool is?available now through MetrixLab’s global insights platform. Our seamless digital platform covers design through delivery, powering both time and cost efficiency and provides access to data and insights in any country around the world. Contact your MetrixLab consultant for further details.

About MetrixLab:

MetrixLab, a Macromill Group company, is the fastest growing provider of consumer insights and marketing analytics solutions. We turn data from online surveys, social media and enterprise systems into valuable business information and actionable consumer insights. This helps leading companies drive product innovation, brand engagement and customer value. Headquartered in Rotterdam with 25 offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia, we serve over?5000 leading brands in more than 90 countries.


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