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Best Restaurant for Dungeness Crab

by honeybrook_99 2 days ago

Hi again! I have been told we will be missing crab season on our vacation in July but it was suggested that great crab can still be had- if we chose the right restaurant. One maybe with live tanks?...

Utica Pie Company comes to White Plains...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

The sign at 594 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, says Utica Pie Company. It's the space just up from Francesco's that had previously operated as Il Forno. So I look up the name and they are touting p...

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Paris restaurant advice

by cjmwmbg 6 hours ago

I have been lurking about this site getting some good suggestions for restaurants for our upcoming trip to Paris in two weeks. My husband and I have been to Paris several times and are fairly adven...

Paris restaurants/boulangeries/marches

by smaointe 13 days ago

Going to Paris this May for 8 nights (broken up by a weekend visit to Strasbourg). Celebrating my 40th bday year, which happens to be next month. There will be three of us. I've built up a list of ...

Has "natural" wine taken over Paris?

by wvdthree 27 days ago

Hello all! I'm planning eleven nights of dining in Paris in March and after doing a fair amount of research on the restaurants I'm considering I am starting to think I'm going to find many wine lis...


Barcelona and Seville/Andalusia in February!

by damiano 1 day ago

So, the corona scare has made us rethink our travel plans. Living in Northern Europe our go-to escape in winter time is South East Asia but this year we will be exploring Spain! We will start of...

Valentines Weekend in Paris

by NYCmike 1 month ago

I'm heading over next month with my wife for 3 nights, 4 days. We are staying at the H?tel Esprit Saint Germain and were hoping you might be able to help guide us towards some decent dinners in tha...

Primrose Bagel Co

by red twizzler 29 days ago

There's a new bagel in town. It just opened on Oakwood Avenue. Has anyone tried it? How does it compare to Bagel World or Gryfe's?

Shinjuku restaurant recommendations

by mlin1 2 years ago

I will be traveling with my husband and 8 yo daughter to Tokyo on mid July. We will be staying for most of the trip at Keio hotel in Shinjuku and would like recommendations for dinners that are con...

Saturday lunches in Philadelphia

by Bigley9 20 days ago

Hi folks! I live in the Queen Village neighborhood of Philadelphia and I have recently decided to take myself out to lunch on Saturdays when I am running my household errands. There are lots of pl...


The Urban Hamlet opens in Bronxville...

by gutreactions 6 days ago

It took quite a few months, but The Urban Hamlet has opened on Pondfield Road in Bronxville in the space that had previously operated as Sammy's Downtown Bistro. It proclaims a menu of 'upscale ele...

I think it is the best fried chicken sandwich...

by stuartlafonda 6 months ago

...all credit to former 'hound Joey Destefano for this amazing find. Thigh meat perfectly fried to seal in the juice. Just hot enough (I like heat), just the right amount of sweet (I don't like...


2020 Bucket List: NYC Restaurant Experience for a Wine Collector

by migmigmig 5 days ago

My brother, 50 and a wine collector, has asked me to book us a 'bucket list' restaurant experience in April. One of our party does not eat fish, so Le Bernardin is out, as well as (to generalize) J...

In search of Thai green curry martini

by smaointe 7 hours ago

I had a most excellent Thai green curry martini (probably the best cocktail I've ever had) at the Pot Luck Club in Cape Town, SA. Am curious if there are any bars in Manhattan that would offer up s...

Sierra Leonean food?

by Edokko 7 years ago

As a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Sierra Leone, I like to get my fix of plasas from time to time. Luckily my work often takes me to DC, where I can indulge in the basics like cassava leaf, ...


Paris Restaurant Similar to Montreal's L'Express

by LNF 2 days ago

Hi All, I'm travelling to Paris in March and staying in the 11th district (but willing travel for a good meal). Has anyone eaten at Montreal's L'Express? I'm hoping to find a place with a similar ...


Taste of Paris

by TrishUntrapped 1 day ago

While checking out events that are happening in Paris in our upcoming visit in May, I discovered the Taste of Paris event which is happening at the Grand Palais. At first blush, it sounds fun. Has ...

LA student film in need of cheap catering/ easy food ideas!

by Ditani 4 years ago

Hey guys, I'm directing a student film in Los Angeles and am in major need of heap catering or an alternative and cheap way to provide my actors with food on set. Or maybe even ideas on bulke meals...

Gluten-Free in Venice Restaurant Suggestions

by Pamdixon1 1 day ago

Venice with thirteen old celiac Granddaughter in June. She eats sushi but no other fish (yet). Pasta, bread help.