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Get organized. Give your best meal planning tips, and find out how other Chowhounds organize their meals from recipe planning to grocery shopping.

How To Meal Prep On a Budget

Tired of circling the Whole Foods hot bar on your lunch break? More importantly, isn’t your wallet tired? There’s only one way to solve this first world problem and it’s made up of two words: meal prep...

Weekly Menu Planning - February 2020

by MidwesternerTT 13 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in February. “The torch of love is lit in the kitchen.” (a French saying) How will your food light up the days for you an...


What's For Dinner #436 (February 2020) - Winter!

by Amandarama 6 days ago

Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share recipes - with our modifications noted. What's for Dinner? Phot...

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ENGLISH MUFFINS AND CRUMPETS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, February, 2020

by LulusMom 11 days ago

Welcome to our DOTM reporting thread for February 2020. Our dish this month is English Muffins and Crumpets. Apparently making English Muffins at home isn’t difficult, and they are supposed to tast...

February 2020 COTM: Announcement

by MelMM 20 days ago

It was neck and neck for a while, but the combo of KACHKA and SUPRA pulled ahead at the end of voting for the win. Reporting threads will go up on Feb 1. In the meantime, use this thread for discus...

Asian Beef Short Ribs Recipes, Please

by ninrn 9 days ago

I have about 7 lbs of English-cut beef short ribs that I’d like to braise with Asian flavors for my niece’s birthday dinner. A few of stipulations— ? I don’t have a grill. ? They can’t have ...

What's For Dinner #435 (January 2020) - Fall/Winter

by Amandarama 1 month ago

Didn't see a new one for this yet so, here we go. Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share recipes - wit...

Weekly Menu Planning - January 2020

by MidwesternerTT 2 months ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in January. Do you have a food resolution on your list? Weekly planning helps keep those on-track. It lowers daily str...

I do not want to go to the grocery store...

by Scubasheree 12 days ago

Ok... I'm new to this forum, but I do not want to go to the grocery store... I've got Black eyed peas, green beans, all kinds of chili type beans.. No corn. Broccoli, some turnip greens I froze,...

February 2020 COTM: Nomination Thread

by MelMM 1 month ago

Welcome to a new year of COTM adventures! It's time (already!) to start the nomination process for our February, 2020 Cookbook of the Month. We will select a book to cook from as a group in Februar...

Dish of the Month - VOTING - February 2020

by LulusMom 15 days ago

What a great batch of nominations we had this month. And loads of them too! There were plenty of nominations that I hope show up again in the coming months, but at this point we’ve narrowed it down...

Dish of the Month - NOMINATIONS, February 2020

by LulusMom 22 days ago

It’s nomination time here at Dish of the Month! What dish sounds especially exciting to cook together this month? So many interesting nominations in the past year that came close to being Dish of t...


by jimc 15 days ago

I have no connection to them, only just started and hardly use apps but it seems a decent idea to me.

LEGUME SALADS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, May 2019

by MelMM 10 months ago

Welcome to the May 2019 Dish of the Month reporting thread! Our dish for May will be LEGUME SALADS. This is a category that includes iconic American dishes like three-bean salad and Texas caviar...

Kitchen Genealogy

by Querencia 2 months ago

My observation is that immigrant families cling to cooking longer than to any other bits of their original culture---when language and religion are lost, they still cook a few of the old dishes eve...

Whole Pork Loin - How to prepare?

by kcfields 25 days ago

I have an almost 4 1/2 lb whole pork loin that I need ideas of how to prepare. I’m thinking of cutting it in half and slicing some boneless chops as I’m only cooking for two. That would leave me wi...

Suggestions for using leftover flavorless chuck roast

by WaxyK 29 days ago

I have almost a pound of cooked chuck roast leftover from making Andrea Nguyen's Beef Pho. The meat was simmered for 90 minutes, fully submerged in water so it's nearly flavorless and on the dry s...

Best Ottolenghi chicken dish for dinner party?

by Rafie 29 days ago

I'm hosting dinner for 6 and am seeing a lot of raves for Ottolenghi's chicken dishes (chicken with onions and cardamon, za'tar and sumac chicken, chicken with clementines and arak etc). Is the...

Non-Dairy Potato Soup

by Querencia 1 month ago

Nasty, cold, and windy here but all is well as I just now made potato soup. I ate this in a Polish restaurant, fell in love with it, and have been making it ever since. 1) Make a nice strong chicke...

Keeping a beef roast warm

by cajungwailo 1 month ago

How can I keep a beef roast warm for a couple hours after I've cooked it, but don't want it to cook anymore during the keep warm stage? Oven? Temp? Wrap? Cover? Thanks.

Need help with menu ideas for a large party

by Captain_Ironphoenix 1 month ago

Hello all, I've lurked around here for some time, but this is my first post. I'm currently trying to narrow down menu ideas for a party I am hosting this September. Details are still being naile...