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Bear with us: We're about to get all philosophical on you for a moment. In the Western perspective of the universe (yeah, we're going there), there are four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. But...

Baby Back Ribs

by codmeister 9 hours ago

When we cook ribs they are not as good as the ones when we dine out. My wife puts an aluminum foil tent over them and steams them in the oven for an hour or two . . . to the almost-fall-off-the-bo...


Dark brown soup

by jamesaybhoy 2 days ago

The last 3 times I have tried to make lentil soup it has turned out dark brown. It has never done this before. I have club uk pots cast iron


My cookies are not baking properly... please help!

by saltimim 4 days ago

I have recently started using a commercial kitchen to make chocolate chip cookies (and other similar types of cookies). The kitchen has a Blodgett double deck convection oven. The problem is even i...

Fixing Burnt Soup?

by jough 13 years ago

Today I made a huge batch of Beef Barley Vegetable Soup. I had a bowl and it was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, I accidentally left the burner on while I was having the first bowl, and by...

Homemade pasta breaks apart when cooking in boiling water

by jzhang172 1 month ago

What causes this? I tried following the recipe as thorough as I could. When I cut the pasta with my pasta cutter, everything held up nicely. It didn't break up in my hands when I tossed it aroun...

Chiffon cake: Half good half bad

by roosevelts 25 days ago

Hi, first time poster here. Yesterday I made a chiffon cake. Thought all was well until I cut into it and found that the top half was quite nice but the bottom kind of a disaster - damp and dens...

Meatball emergency

by maritee5 1 month ago

I left garlic out of my meatballs! I rolled them but did not cook yet - they are still raw.. Any advice on how to add the garlic at this point.

what to do with dough that didn't rise?

by smartstart 12 years ago

Do I really need to trash the dough? I hate to waste food, but I have two unbaked loaves of bread that I clearly made with dud yeast (I didn't proof it beforehand; lesson learned.); they're cold l...

I undercooked my cheesecake, can I re-cook it?

by Rick 13 years ago

I cut into my cheesecake last night and found out it was runny and undercooked. I still have it in the fridge but I don't know if I can cook it again or not?

help, my soup is way too acidic!

by kudru 11 years ago

I made a bean soup and got a little over-enthusiastic with the sun-dried tomatoes, and the result is waaaay too tangy (and has disturbing flecks of reconstituted tomato in it, but that's a whole ot...

Help! What can I do with egg whites/lime juice disaster?

by DMelanogaster 2 months ago

I was making key lime pie, but I made a mistake and threw the cup of Nelly and Joe's key lime juice into the 6 egg WHITES insteaad of the 6 egg YOLKS (I was doubling the recipe). I had more key lim...

Recreating Mashed Potatoes with Truffle and Burrata

by sega10028 2 months ago

We recently had the most memorable dish in Venice Italy at Trattoria Antiche Carampane. It was described as "Grilled Octopus with soft potatoes cream white truffle flavored, burrata, crispy bread"...

Help with a cauliflower preserved lemon salad

by cookin_mama 2 months ago

I had a salad at Olympia Provisions in Portland, it was divine. The salad consisted of chopped cauliflower, pomegranate seeds, preserved lemons, mint and maybe parsley. I am trying to re-create thi...

Had a potato au gratin failure...need some pointers to fix it!

Heidi cooks and bakes
by Heidi cooks and bakes 5 years ago

Last night I made my first potato gratin. Here's what I did, and I need some critique to figure out where I went wrong. Started out with old russet potatoes that were stored in the fridge. In ...

What makes homemade cake taste like cornbread?

by Nikimcarter 2 years ago

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I made a Paula Deen Coconut Fiasco layer cake. Everyone said it was great.. but I definitely taste cornbread! Idk what I'm doing wrong but this is like my ...

Undercooked beets

by texaspeppers1 3 months ago

I roasted some beets tonight then decided to do a quick slice and pickle before supper. Served the beets, tastes great, undercooked! Do I dare cook them more after the vinegar has been added? If...

Cookie Help Please

by raberbm 3 months ago

I'm making a cookie recipe that calls for softened butter, but I accidentally melted it. Can I still use it if it's melted?

Is my caramel burnt?

by pinshure 3 months ago

So I was trying to melt 2 cups of caramel at once because my recipe called for it and it took me a while to melt all the sugar. I kept taking it off the heat so that it didn't darken until it all m...

Brown spots in pie crust

by rlp 3 months ago

I could use some trouble shooting for why my crust has brown spots. I followed a new recipe (bc pastry is my kryptonite and it never goes right). Ingredients were all-purpose flour, unsalted butter...

SOS - added too much milk to cake batter

by LulusMom 3 months ago

I'm baking a cake, and added a full two cups of buttermilk instead of just a cup. This is the last step in the recipe. So irritated with myself. Is there any way to save this? Thanks very much in a...