Trip Planning

Trip planning really means food planning to us. When you're mapping out your route, turn to Chowhounds to help mark the best spots to stop for every meal (plus a few snacks and drinks in between).

Why You Should Always Take a Food Tour When You Travel

Making plans to travel may include things like buying airline tickets, making sure you have your passport, and booking a table at that restaurant everyone Instagrams. However, there is something else...

Dining Experiences outside of Toronto

by romeschica 7 days ago

Any suggestions for a unique dining experience or a restaurant with a really nice view outside of Toronto as far west as Hamilton, north as Orangeville and east as Prince Edward County (doesn't mat...


I-5 between Sacramento and LA

by acecil 1 day ago

Any recommendations for food along this drive? The last conversation I could find here was 7 years old! I’m not looking for fancy, just good and fresh for a lunch break on this awful drive. Maybe a...


Meat and Three Sides (but we just want the sides)

by soccermom13 5 days ago

DH and I will be in NC for a little vacation in early April. We especially like the three sides part of the equation in meat + 3 sides options. We are totally fine with holes-in-the wall as long ...


Girls' Weekend Restaurant Recommendations

by BabyBird 4 days ago

Hi! My friend and are visiting NYC for a long girls' weekend in two weeks, and we're staying in the financial district. What restaurants do you recommend in that area? We're also open to traveling ...


Recommendations for First Night

by MissMarleygirl 4 days ago

We are staying near St. Paul metro. I know, bad choice, but we're stuck with it. We will be getting into town late in the day on a Sunday in April. We need a place for dinner that is fairly clos...


Where to Eat in and Around Denver

by dcbbq 4 days ago

We'll be in Denver a coupe of days this summer before going on to Vail, and a couple of more days after. Where to eat? We're open to 'most anything and at all price points below the top rung ($$$...

Gourmet Food for Train Trip

by Budstone 2 months ago

looking at the Empire Builder train ride from Chicago to Seattle and would like ideas for really good gourmet food for the trip. Will be taking a collapsable cooler and dry ice. Can you sneak (like...

SF Chowhound visits Manhattan

by dkanter 3 years ago

Hi fellow hounds! I'm planning a week-long trip to NYC early next month, staying in Manhattan. I'm coming from SF and planning to hit a few shows. I will be working during the days though. I'...


NYC Omakase

by theoracle101 6 days ago

Hi All, Visiting from LA and looking for some omakase recs for NYC. I went through yelp/Michelin and thought the following looked interesting Masa (very $$, but I loved Urasawa, so maybe wort...

Looking for Florence Restaurant Recommendations

by LABeam 22 days ago

I would appreciate updated Florence recommendations and critique of my choices. Our 5th trip to Florence, some of the past favourites were Buca Dell' Orafo, Taverna Del Bronzino, Il Guscio. We ar...

Beginners in Paris

by SueFH 12 days ago

We have 5 nights in Paris in mid-May, essentially first time for both of us. I’m much more interested in food than my husband, so I’m in charge (he’d eat at McDonald’s if nothing caught his eye); h...


May in NYC

by raysfan 6 days ago

Coming to NYC May 11 to 14 go husband’s birthday. Planning a dinner at Keens. Need suggestions for pre theater and good eats places in midtown. Thanks!


Four Days in NYC for Adults Passionate About Food and Trying New Things

by basicg 5 days ago

We are traveling to NYC for Easter week to visit our adult daughter. We live in North Florida and don't have a great restaurants where we live nor do we have a lot of ethnic food choices. We are st...


by marquisem 2 months ago

Hello! When I was a kid, my Mom made calas (callas?), a fried yeasty dough with rice in the batter. I was vaguely aware that they were from New Orleans. I'm going to NOLA in March and would love...

Paris Restaurant Advice for May Trip

by snliz 16 days ago

Hi, I was hoping to get some suggestions for a trip I'm planning for four adults in May. Most of us have't been to France for a decade, so we're very excited! We'll be staying around the Republique...

Unfound Neighborhood Restaurants

by Gastronomos 2 months ago

https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/meritage-wine-bar-review-glen-cove-1.40058114 About Meritage Wine Bar: "...They're really trying to revitalize the downtown area of Glen Cove, an...

Tao's Fusion in Selden

by Gastronomos 3 months ago

This underrated Sichuan dish made an appearance at my table when I visited Tao's fusion in Selden. No matter how you call this dish: Suan Tang Fei Niu 酸湯肥牛 / Beef with House Made Pickle in ...

New Orleans in March - Dinner Decisions Help!

by hchambers86 16 days ago

Hi Chowhounders! My husband I will be making our first (and way too short) trip to Nola in March. I'm a restaurant owner in NY and given it's our first visit, want to focus on having true New O...

Alabama Recs

by johnmart11 1 month ago

We are planning a tour of the south in March and will be in Mobile for a day or two. Has anyone done the local food tour? (Only on Fridays and Saturdays it looks like). We are looking for good loca...

Split, Croatia - been recently?

by Love to Eat 11 days ago

Going with extended family from age 7 to 70+ yo for a week to Split, Croatia in late June. Rented a house in Podstrana. We want to cook at home, as well as eat out. Scoured other sites & old posts ...